Burger & Kebab

Discover a world of flavourful surprises with Has Food's Burger & Kebab product range. We've transformed our passion for culinary excellence into a comprehensive selection that encompasses both traditional flavours and contemporary creations.

Our Burger & Kebab category includes:

  • HAMBURGER: A timeless favourite that never goes out of style. Our burgers are crafted from the finest ingredients, offering the perfect balance between juiciness and taste.
  • MR BUTCHER – KÖFTE: Experience the rich flavours of our kitchen with our köfte, featuring carefully selected meat and authentic spices for an unmistakable taste.
  • MR BUTCHER – ADANA: Let your taste buds dance with the spicy and aromatic flavours of our Adana kebabs, a true delight for connoisseurs.

At Has Food , our commitment goes beyond taste. We place a high value on food safety and quality, which is reflected in all our products, including Burger & Kebab. Our certifications emphasize our dedication to the highest standards.

Whether you run a restaurant, own a food truck, or lead a catering service, our Burger & Kebab products offer endless possibilities. From juicy burgers to authentic köfte and spicy Adana kebabs, we deliver top-quality products to delight your guests.

Has Food stands for excellence in taste and quality. Enrich your menu with our Burger & Kebab selection and discover how we can help you create unforgettable culinary experiences.

Explore our range and contact us today to discuss how Has Food can support your foodservice business with our delicious and versatile products.

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