Baton Döner

Enter the flavourful world of Has Food's Baton Döner, where craftsmanship and culinary innovation come together to create the most delicious döner experience. As the experts in döner production, we are passionate about delivering high-quality döner products to the hospitality industry and beyond.

Our Baton Döner range offers a treasure trove of flavours, each with its own character:

  • TAVUK DÖNER HAS: Juicy chicken döner prepared with attention to detail, for chicken enthusiasts.
  • TAVUK DÖNER BEYAZ: The classic chicken döner with a subtle taste that's always a crowd-pleaser.
  • LUX YAPRAK DÖNER: Refined döner with a luxurious appeal, perfect for special occasions.
  • ISKENDER DÖNER: A traditional dish that combines the rich flavours of döner with yogurt sauce and tomato paste.
  • HINDI TAVUK DÖNER: Juicy turkey döner, a healthier choice without sacrificing taste.
  • HINDI DANA DÖNER: Tender turkey döner with a delightful taste, a favourite among connoisseurs.
  • HAS DÖNER: The standard for quality and taste, our classic döner that never fails to impress.
  • GOLD DÖNER: A premium choice for those seeking unparalleled quality and taste.
  • BURSA ORIENT DÖNER: A tribute to the flavours of the East, with a rich and spicy taste.
  • BURSA DÖNER: An authentic Bursa experience, perfectly seasoned and ready to enjoy.
  • ALI BABA DÖNER: For those seeking something special, a döner with a unique character.
  • ESMER DÖNER: Tender chicken döner with a delicate flavour that will please everyone.
  • AR SNACK DÖNER: Quick and easy to prepare, ideal for busy kitchens and foodservice.

At Has Food , we believe in nothing less than excellence. Our Baton Döner products are crafted with precision and undergo strict quality controls to ensure the taste and quality we are known for.

Add a touch of culinary excellence to your menu with Has Food's Baton Döner range. Explore our extensive selection and discover how we can enrich your business with our irresistible döner products.

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