General Terms


1. General.
Subject to explicit and written deviations, the following provisions apply to all agreements that relate to the services to be performed by us. By giving an assignment, the contracting partner declares to accept these conditions.

2. Payment.
a. All payments are made at our registered office in Olen, or into its bank account in the name of HAS FOOD bvba BE38 1430 8797 6172.
b. Our invoices, unless otherwise agreed in writing, are payable in cash.
c. All goods belonging to the co-contracting party that are in our possession for whatever reason are deemed to have been pledged as security for payment of the debts owed to HAS FOOD bvba, even if those debts are not related to the goods that are the subject of the lien.

3. Complaints. In the event of complaints, these must be reported in writing immediately and at the latest within eight days.

4. Competence.
In the event of a dispute, as well as on the occasion of the application and interpretation of our general terms and conditions, the parties acknowledge the jurisdiction of the courts of the district of Tongeren, in some cases the justice of the peace in the canton of Antwerp - Belgium.