HAS FOOD, your trusted partner for high-quality halal kebab and meat products.

HAS FOOD has been active in the meat sector for several years. With an extraordinary and unique range of meat, chicken, and kebab, HAS FOOD positions itself in the market as a prominent and outstanding meat producer. Our factory in Olen covers an area of 3000 m² on a site of 5000 m². HAS FOOD originated from a family initiative and was started by two entrepreneurs in Olen. The company is now continued under the leadership of the two sons, F. Kaya and Mr. A. Sözsav. The initial founders are still actively involved in the company but will gradually pass the torch to the new generation.

Our company stands out from other active players in the market due to our strong emphasis on quality and the implementation of the latest technologies in production machinery. Our animals are slaughtered in professional slaughterhouses that operate in accordance with Islamic Halal procedures. Additionally, our products differentiate themselves from the rest thanks to our own unique recipes that create an unparalleled taste sensation. With constant attention to maximum hygiene and functionality, we aim to deliver a top-quality end product. With a diverse range, including deliciously seasoned meat products, we aim to provide our end customers with excellent goods.

Our production complies with all HACCP standards and is recognized by the FAVV. The quality and safety of our products are guaranteed at all times through careful monitoring by veterinarians and food technologists.

At HAS FOOD, we believe in long-lasting relationships with our customers and strive to meet all your needs and expectations. So, you are very welcome to visit our production facilities in Olen and get to know our company.

We look forward to serving you!