About Us

HAS FOOD is active in the meat industry for multiple years.
We provide our customers with both branded meat and meat products. We started with three entrepreneurs, 2750 m² of factory and 5000 square meters of land in the city Olen Belgium, and we are exponentially growing with our managers Mr. Kaya and Mr. Sozsav.

Our company distinguishes itself with a number of strengths from other players active in the industry.

All the animals that are professionally slaughtered are in accordance with the Islamic procedures (HALAL). Furthermore, we deliver to you the processed meat including our own recipes.

Most of our services are in the Western Europe and continues to be unbeaten with refrigerated and freezers vehicles in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg and Germany. Human health and good quality meat are our main priority, which is obtained by using the latest technology in the production process.

The production is controlled by veterinarians and food engineers (according to the HACCP & FAVV rules).
 As a guest or customer, you are always welcome at our location in Olen to personally meet us and see the production process with your own eyes.